“Need is the mother of invention", Plato (427 - 347 B.C.).  This is the premise, as they themselves state, with which RIPE Bar Juice began its activity in the world of cocktails.

In Autumn 2008, Michel Boissy and Ryan Guimond, childhood friends and founders of RIPE, tired of having to put up with the large old bottles of juice-like drinks that existed, reached the conclusion that they had no other choice but to create the first pure extraction line of legitimate, cold and traditional signature juices.

With Mikes, a chef with extensive experience in high-range cocktails, the exquisite palate of Ryan, and why should we kid ourselves?, a shared love of good cocktails, these cocktail mercenaries knew that creating the first freshly extracted and cold signature juice of the nation, with the subsequent saving of their taste buds, would represent a difficult, but honourable, effort.

On that fatidic day of 2008 in Mikes’ kitchen in the good city of Meiden (Connecticut), with the commitment to provide consumers with a traditional, Premium and 100% legitimate product, Freshbev LLC and RIPE Bar Juice® were born!

And then came the time to wish concentrated juice a good day, to say goodbye to high-fructose corn syrup, to relax without preserving agents, to forget about prepared drinks on the shelves, and say hello to natural, fresh products, unparalleled on the market.

And, to what extent has Zumex Food Engineering taken part in this success?Very simple; to make the cocktails that RIPE prepares, based on non-pasteurised fruit concentrates, the juice processing had to take place whilst respecting the natural ingredients and maintaining their flavour and freshness.  And that is precisely the solution that these entrepreneurs from Connecticut found in our Z450 citrus fruit juice extraction equipment, to thus offer their customers the best quality.




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