The story of Casa Reca began informally with the emergence of Té Reca in 1940.  This was an iced black tea, homemade at Casa Risueño, property of Don Recaredo Risueño.

In 1980, his grandson, Carlos, created a formal company called Té Reca de Campeche, with the intention of maintaining the traditional and natural character of the tea, incorporating modern processes to speed up production.

The tea line grew, offering different varieties and flavours.Later on, a fruit drink line was developed, respecting the natural essence of Casa Reca products.

In 2015, Té Reca carried out an important redesign of its identity, penetrating new markets.The Avia Mía brand was also created in order to boost the fruit drink line.That same year, the company decided to purchase our Citrus Z450 machine, the most robust and reliable solution for extracting juice from citrus fruit and pomegranates with its Pomegranate version, which, with an average production of 450 l/H to 900 l/H adapts perfectly to its needs.  

In order to offer support to future corporate developments, Té Reca de Campeche changed its name to Casa Reca, paying tribute to Casa Risueño, the establishment where everything began.

The company started off with 4 employees, but today Casa Reca provides employment to more than 120 families.

Casa Reca offers natural drinks with quality ingredients, prepared by qualified personnel, and according to strict quality control and hygiene standards. With a pleasant and organised work team that, with its work, always obtains personal and economic growth to attain mutual benefit and to produce the freshest, healthiest, tastiest products for customers to enjoy.Thus satisfying the most demanding palates, with all the flavour of their region.



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