2001 was the start of a dream for the Ametller family. They were convinced right from the start that they would fight to not disappoint the customers who for years had queued from the early hours of the morning to purchase the products that they had harvested the day before.They knew that this had differentiated them and this was precisely what they had to repeat.

More than ten years have gone by since they set up their first establishment, but the way they understand this project has not changed. They have just grown and now it is much more cross-cutting.The fields are still the main axis around which Casa Ametller revolves, but under the same vertical integration philosophy they have started new projects with the aim of converting their establishments into spaces of reference in the fresh food produce sector.

Their mission is to be the forerunners of a new way of understanding life based on food.With the motto “We have closed the circle, we produce for you”, they define the casaametller work philosophy.They master and guarantee the entire value chain, eliminating all the costs that do not afford the product an added value.

Their objective is to be a fresh produce benchmark, offering healthy and balanced food, recuperating the essence of the origins.

In agreement with that philosophy, we are proud that they use Mastery to prepare their cold press juices.

Our cold press machine, measuring just 0.69 m2 and standing 1.7 m high, adapts perfectly to their needs and to the dimensions of their workshop, which they have converted into a genuine Cold Press Lab.Furthermore, Mastery, with its shorter and folding intake hopper, reduces the action area to 25 cm, making it easier to load with just one hand.

Thanks to our semi-industrial solution, they obtain between 500 and 1000 bottles of juice a day, of flavours such as:

  • Cucumber, spinach, melon and celery
  • Carrot, pineapple and orange
  • Strawberry, beetroot and water melon



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