and Flavour

Cold press technology is a process
that enables us to maintain all the
original properties of fruit and vegetables,
without applying heat

As no heat is applied throughout the whole procedure, we are
able to retain the largest number of nutrients, vitamins and
enzymes possible, preventing their oxidation and maximising
their nutritional value.

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“A system designed by Zumex to process all
types of fruit and vegetables

all of whose elements work with great precision,
which is a key aspect in obtaining high quality juice.”

The genuine
Cold Press juice

The result is that it obtains 100% natural high
quality juice, which preserves all its qualities
and nutrients for 72 hours, maintaining the
colour and flavour of its ingredients. This is
what makes it different from the rest in its
preparation process.

natural juice

juice in perfect
conditions for


all types of ingredients, preserving
the properties of each one of them.