Värmdö Musteri wishes to preserve the flavours of summer and autumn. They prepare musts, beverages, jams, marmalades and juices from the best fruit and the tastiest berries.They invite the owners of the fruit to make musts with them.Whilst you wait, you can enjoy a sandwich and a piece of apple cake in their cafeteria, and discover their products in the shop.

Right next door is the cider factory, which is a distillery, where they prepare the cider must, the spirit and their Swedish “Calvados” (a spirit with Controlled Denomination of Origin that is obtained by distilling cider) Pomme de Vie, drinks that are found in Systembolaget.

It was there, precisely, where, in 2013, they decided that our Citrus Z450 could have an important mission.And the fact is that the robust and reliable Z450 juice extraction unit extracts juice from all types of citrus fruit and pomegranates, thanks to the Pomegranate version, with diameters varying from 55 mm to 100 mm.

With the possibility, too, of incorporating any option prior to the extraction, such as loading, washing, selection and calibration of the raw material.